Minutes and Mascots is on a mission to help children and parents discover the power and excitement of reading. Mascots can serve as a positive role model for children, encourage pride in their school and community, and we believe they can also inspire children to read and write.

Research shows some of the most important things a parent can do for their children is to love them and read to them. Investing at least 20 minutes every day reading will provide countless benefits to them in school and for the rest of their life!

So head to the library, spend more time with your kids, find a good book, a quiet place, kick back, and read! It will make all the difference.

"Schools have tried many methods to help children read: there was phonetics, there was 'whole language,' there has been plenty of testing, but the real secret is children need to be read to, they need to be talked to, they need to be exposed to varied vocabulary before they can start to learn to read in kindergarten." – Author James J. Trelease